Oscar Juicer DA1000 * Discontinued * See Omega NC802

The Oscar DA1000 is a horizontal slow cold press masticating juicer.
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The Oscar DA1000 juicer can juice leafy greens, wheatgrass and hard veggies like carrots and beets. The low RPM masticating juicing method ensures more nutrients are extracted and the cold press action minimizes nutrient loss through oxidation.

  • The Oscar Juicer Cold press juicing ensures more nutrients and minimal nutrient loss through oxidation - Operating almost noiselessly at between 63 and 75 rpm (revolutions per minute), the Oscar Juicer crushes and squeezes the juice out of fruits, vegetables and grasses. It is so versatile that it can even juice pine needles!
  • Better juice production (new feature of the DA1000) -The new pulp adjusting knob increases pressure exerted by the machine when crushing and squeezing the cellulose wall of your fruit and vegetables ensuring the maximum release of enzymes and nutrients. The pulp adjusting knob increases juice production by 3-5%, as compared to the Oscar DA900
Multifunctional, the Oscar can:
  • Juice fruits and vegetables
  • Juice grasses (eg wheatgrass)
  • Mince/grind herbs and seasonings
  • Make noodles and bread sticks
  • Make baby food
  • Make frozen sorbets
Parts and accessories included:
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 set front end juicing parts (1 x auger,1 x drum,1 x juicing strainer,
  • 1 x mincing strainer,1 x drum cap,1 x adapter cap,1 x hopper,1 x food pusher)
  • 2 bowls (1 for juice, 1 for pulp)
  • 1 x cleaning brush
  • 6 x pasta nozzles (2 x round noodle nozzles, 2 flat noodle nozzles, 2 bread stick nozzles)
  • 1 x recipe booklet
Colours available:
  • White


  • Dimensions: 25 x 180 x 22.6 (cm)
  • Model name: Oscar DA1000 (aka Oscar Neo)
  • Shipping weight: 8.5kg (net weight: 6.36kg)
  • Motor: Single phase induction motor
  • Voltage: 230V/50Hz (150watts power)
  • Auger rpm: 63-7500
  • CE Certified
  • 20 year warranty motor and gearbox
  • Five year limited warranty on front-end processing (juicing) parts. Note that as per the agents, parts are only replaced once and only paid out fully in the first year, thereafter only a percentage of the replacement cost is paid. This warranty is set by the S A importers, and applies to all Oscar juicers purchased in SA.
  • See FAQ's tab for detailed warranty information
  • Warranty valid for household use only
A choice for HEALTHYliving, the Oscar DA1000 Juicer is a popular cold press slow juicer